Job Description

Assistant Radiographer


Minimum four (4) B.G.C.E ‘O’ Levels, Diploma or City & Guilds, including some technical disciplines.


  • ASNT Level I or approved valid license from AELB in Radiographic testing and Radiation Safety.
  • Additional HSE competency certification required:
    • IMS-5 Competent Frontline Worksite Supervisor
    • Senior First Aid
    • Permit-to-Work
    • Permit-to-Vision
    • Tropical BOSIET


  • 2 years in Radiographic testing in oil & gas.
  • Age 20 years and above.


  • Knowledge of Radiation Emergency Procedures
  • Availability of past dose records.
  • Be fluent in both spoken and written Malay & English
  • Have a good knowledge of all aspects related to Health, Safety and Environment in carrying out the work.
  • Prepared to be staying resident offshore.


  • Carry out radiography WORK as assigned by the Senior Inspector or Operations Co-ordinator, in accordance with the appropriate PROCEDURE, and in an efficient, productive and safe manner.
  • Be familiar with, and work in accordance with the CONTRACTOR's Radiation Safety Plan and COMPANY's HSE Standard Module 20.
  • Process all films and compile timely and accurate reports ready for interpretation by the Senior Inspector, or qualified Radiographic Interpreter.
  • Carry out and record weekly maintenance checks, of isotope handling EQUIPMENT.
  • Maintain isotope movement registers and personal dosimeter logs.
  • Complete weekly film usage forms for approval by the COMPANY's Plant Inspector or Supervisor.
  • Ensuring the relevant Permit to Work is available and in order before commencement of WORK.
  • Reporting any unsafe conditions of practices, which may arise, in accordance with COMPANY's incident and near miss reporting procedures.

Job Overview

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