Job Description


▌ Assemble and install metal pipes, structural and pipe fittings for stainless and carbon steel projects for workshop and site works.
▌ Use clamps, brackets and hangers to secure pipe to structures.
▌ Remove slag and rough sport from work pieces by operating grinders or scrapers to ensure smooth work surface.
▌ Employ their knowledge of metallurgy to determine to determine materials and equipment most suitable for a welding project.
▌ Clean and prepare work pieces using chemical solutions etc. to remove foreign matter such as grease, rust etc.
▌ Use heating furnaces to preheat metal pipes prior to welding or bending.
▌ Cut and shape metal components to set specifications using power saws, shipping knives or other hand tools.
▌ Fill holes, cracks and dents on metal work pieces or pieces or pipe products.
▌ Use micrometers, calipers and other precision measuring instruments to check gap allowances, grooves or angles.
▌ Assemble metal and non-metal pipes fitting using threading machine.
▌ Study schematics, diagram and blueprints in order to determine the layout of pipes.
▌ Measure and fabricate pipe routings to match existing in-line piping systems.
▌ Control and valves or regulators to adjust flames and ensure proper use of welding gas.
▌ Wear appropriate protective gear and ensure compliance with established health/ safety regulation.
▌ Troubleshoot a piping system and conduct diagnosis to identify and fix pipe problem.

▌ Problem-solving skill: pipe welders are given to con ducting tests to identify and fix
problem in a piping system.
▌ Technical skill: pipe welder are able to operate hi-tech welding equipment and tools in
carrying out welding operations.
▌ Communication skill: pipe welder are able to comprehend safety rules, equipment
instructions as well as producing details report of work activities.

Job Overview

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