Job Description


1. Managers ensure that manufacturing processes run reliably and efficiently.Responsibilities of the job include: planning and organizing production schedules estimating, negotiating and agreeing budgets and timescales with clients and managers. 
2. Managers are responsible for the technical management, supervision and control of industrial production processes.
3. planning and organizing production schedules
4. Assessing project and resource requirements
5. Estimating, negotiating and agreeing budgets and timescales with clients and managers
6. Ensuring that health and safety regulations are met
7. Determining quality control standards 
8. Overseeing production processes
9. Re-negotiating timescales or schedules as necessary
 Selecting, ordering and purchasing materials
11. Organizing the repair and routine maintenance of production equipment
12. Liaising with buyers and marketing and sales staff
 Supervising the work of junior staff
14. Must have 3 years experience in manager

Key skills for managers
- Confidence
- Technical skills
- Project management skills
- Organisation and efficiency
- Leadership and interpersonal skills Â·  
- Problem solving skills
- IT and numerical skills
- Communication skills
- Team working skills
- Managers must also be able to handle responsibility and the pressure of meeting deadlines.

Job Overview

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