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Mukim Connect

Venue, Date and Time:

  • TBC
  • 29th July (Monday)
  • TBC

What is it?

  • One of the JobCentre Brunei initiatives to reduce unemployment, this program aim to convey the type of services and initiatives of JobCentre Brunei. The program is somehow similar to District Connect, only for Mukim Connect it focuses more into the people who are living deep in the rural area and at the same time, to get to know what are the issues and the people of the village views in terms of finding jobs opportunities in Brunei.

What else is there?

  • JobCentre Brunei - Account Registration/Activation/Assistance

Organised By:

  • JobCentre Brunei

Start Date : 29/07/2019
End Date : 29/07/2019
  • 02/07/2019

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